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Electroluminescence-Measuring Technology

Products Overview

Electroluminescence is currently the most qualitatively and most meaningful method for testing solar modules. In particular, defects which can not be detected either on thermographic images nor by means of characteristic measurements can be made visible with electroluminescent images. With EL measurements, damages that can lead to loss of performance only in the future, but with a high probability, can be detected at an early stage and assigned to their cause.


Electroluminescence Camera System for mobile applications


An expensive disassembly of the modules for testing is not necessary. This saves time, reduces costs and, in particular, reduces the risk (liability) of further damage to the solar modules as a result of disassembly.

Advantages EL-MES Cam
  • Mobile EL measurement (on site and at night)
  • High-resolution electroluminescent images (up to 36 megapixels)
  • Pin sharp EL images (software-supported autofocus function)
  • No time- and cost-intensive dismantling of the solar modules is necessary
  • Avoid potential damage due to disassembly
  • Reduction of downtime and loss of plant output
  • Simple and fast creation of test documents

The Electroluminescence Measuring System EL-MES Cam is available as 21MP or 36MP version. The interplay of very high resolution, extremely light-weight lenses, very low noise and the software-controlled autofocus function, enables electroluminescent images of excellent sharpness and of the highest quality. Additionally the wide range of optional lenses gives the system maximum flexibility. As a result, the EL-MES Cam is the ideal solution for mobile usage (for assessing existing solar systems) as well as for laboratory use. The software EL-MES CamViewer , which is part of the system, supports you comprehensively and enables the quick and efficient generation of test reports and documentation. The professional EL-MES Cam Outdoor Box provides ample space for a complete EL-MES Cam Kit including accessories. The box is waterproof, dustproof, unbreakable and made of extremely sturdy plastic, which reduces the force of impacts and absorbs them. The foam interior offers a good overview and easy access to the optimally padded components.

EL-MES Cam21SLR KIT 1835

5.250,- €Net (EXW)
446,- €Net (per month)
  • Rent on monthly base
320,- €Net monthly installment
  • Run-time 36 Months
  • No down payment
  • No rest surrender value

EL-MES Module

Stand-alone Electroluminescence laboratory measurement technology for complete modules


EL-MES CellTester

EL measurement technology for single cells (including automatic contacting)


EL-MES Laminate

Electroluminescence measurement technology for integration into production processes



EL measurement technology for the integration of electroluminescence measurement technology into a flasher



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