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Company History

The founder and managing director, Dipl. Ing. David Buchanan, started to work as an independent software developer for image processing component manufacturers (since 2001).

The foundation of Buchanan Software GmbH resulted from a joint project between David Buchanan and the management of Vision & Control GmbH. In this collaboration, fourteen developers created new algorithms, drivers, user interfaces, and documentation. At the same time, a team was set up to implement complex, mainly software-intensive image processing applications for Vision & Control GmbH and companies from the automotive supply industry.

The company moved from the first location, an office building Near Vision & Control GmbH, from Suhl to Ilmenau in 2007. Professional connections were optimally utilized by leasing offices close to the Technical University of Ilmenau.

In 2008 the company philosophy changed. The solar industry was added as a new target group and the company's focus was now on the production of customer-specific measuring instruments. It should no longer be the software for analysis alone, but complete solutions and systems should be created. In the course of the restructuring, some software developers from Buchanan Software GmbH switched to the development department of Vision & Control GmbH. A new project team was put together to handle the new tasks optimally.

All company shares of Vision & Control GmbH at Buchanan Software GmbH were taken over by David Buchanan and Buchanan Software GmbH was renamed Buchanan Systems GmbH in February 2010.


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